Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Jed's first taste of Chocolate! He found a peice on a shelf, removed the paper, and had himself a Hershey's Nugget. Then we found him with a chocolate 'flavor saver'!
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March 2005 - Jed's wondering where all of his eggs went...He didn't know to protect his basket from all the other little kids looking for eggs! Posted by Hello

March 2005 - Jed & Mom Posted by Hello

Jed's first experience hunting Easter Eggs at his Nana & Grandpa's church picnic on Palm Sunday.  Posted by Hello

It's snowing!! March 2005  Posted by Hello

A tough day for Jed led to a valued time with Dad...March 2005 Posted by Hello

Friday, March 04, 2005

Little Boy Bed

Jed got a little boy bed today! It's a toddler bed - which means that it's the same size as a crib except that it's not got the railings like a crib. To him, it's more like a toy at this point - he is loving to climb up and stand on it. He hasn't slept on it yet because we wanted to start with tomorrow's nap instead of tonight's full 10-12 hour sleep. We are hoping that it's a smooth transition. (How likely is that?!) I don't necessarily think that he will be attached to the crib...I just think that he will not want to stay in his bed once we put him there, but with just a few months left before his little sister arrives, we thought we'd better start getting him ready for a new bed.

My little boy is growing up so fast!!

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